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    How do I refry homemade crispy fried onions in air fryer next day?

    I made it crispy fried onions yesterday and saved them and want to re-fry or reconstitute whatever in the air fryer today. Any idea on time and temperature?

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  • Why does my hairstylist love dad say I shiver or a chill is a bird dog?

    I never wanted to be rude and ask like I didn't know but it was always weird to me when I got a chill as he was cutting the back of my hair and he would say another bird-dog I see? And I'm like okay what does that mean I asked my dad and he was like i have never heard of a chill or shiver called that. That  is not what bird dogging means to me. does anybody know why someone would call a shiver a bird dog?

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  • Can a dog honk when breathing? ?

    I'm not talking about a reverse sneeze.  I have a Chihuahua CairnTerrier mix so her snout is a little bit shorter than most dogs she actually has a shorter snout than for  a typical Cairn Terrier but it's not as short as your typical Chihuahua normally has and sometimes she does make like a grunting noise very much like when a pig sniffs it makes a grunting noise when it sniffs the ground. Pigs don't usually make a grunting noise like that unless they're sniffing mud or sniffing the ground and Lexi makes that same kind of a sniffing sound that pigs do when she sniffs. It's not when she breathes it's only when she sniffs. It doesn't happen every time . Now when she eats her food way too fast sometimes the food gets stuck &she can cause herself to reverse sneeze. I know what u do for that u carefully close one nostril but u don't block the airway or squeeze her mouth or anything. That helps to calm her down but it's normal but I didn't know if that piggy grunting sound when she sniffs was normal. I didn't know if that was just a dog thing &it was just what it was &I didn't need to worry. But I thot I'd ask if anybody else had ever heard of that bc I can't find any evidence that other dogs do this besides reverse sneezing and that's not the same thing. I'm not too concerned I just thought it was kind of an interesting noise &wonder does anybody else's dog do this? Is my dog unique? Like I said my dog does that when she's sniffing. Any advice helps thanks. 

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  • Can cassava flour be crispy when baked with it?

    I'm following a recipe for homemade Oreo cookies they have to be flat and crispy like actual cookies and I was gonna use cassava flour. I can't use any other type of flower like rice flour or wheat flour or anything like that I have coconut and I have almond flours but I wasn't sure if either of them would work probably not coconut flour that seems to be too absorbent and I don't know about almond flour. but I do know that cassava flour can be used one to one four all-purpose flour so I was curious could I get it crispy if I used it to make cookies? I tried to ask on a Facebook group and they declined my question but I would like to know if anybody has any experience with that. 

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  • What is a winter coat without sleeves called ?

    I keep finding lots of things saying I Cape coat that's not what I want and I don't want days jacket I keep looking on Amazon and all I'm finding are people saying this is not a winter coat it's a jacket like a vest. I want a really heavy down coat a really heavy coat that's super poofy that looks like the Michelin man pooffy. but I'm looking for one that doesn't have sleeves I saw one at Marshall's and it was perfect but it wasn't the right size. can anybody help out giving me ideas how to find the right ones or where to look? I could shop online I'm not picky here

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  • Which is better texture for fathead dough? almond flour or coconut flour?

    I made a fathead pizza and it was really good but no matter how thin we were gonna make it it was never gonna be crispy crispy cracker crust. and we expected it to be even though we made it cracker crust thin. but we did use coconut flour and you can use almond flour. I was thinking of trying it again with almond flour next time and seeing if I can make it actually get crispy. What is everybody's ideas on how to get this pizza really crispy ?

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  • Can anybody guide me in the right direction to the right book for iOS 14 easy to understand manual?

    My mom is 55 and as long as we've ever had phones we started out with the typical foot phone at one point I had a blackberry but she's mostly had Motorola flip phone for and then for of course eight years ago we all switched over strictly to for the Galaxy phones and android and we stayed that way everything we've ever done is basically android we've never had anything iOS ever but my mom's boyfriend insisted and he finally convinced her to do it . She doesn't want anything complicated she doesn't want anything weird she just wants the basics and he told her if that's what she wants iPhone is for her but of course her very first phone is iPhone SE with iOS 14 and I know nothing about iPhones can somebody direct me to the right book that has all the right stuff for her? Every single book I've researched has **** reviews that they are bad for seniors. please please can anybody help give me information on what type of book she should get to help her navigate the iPhone se iOS 14? Thanks so much! 

  • Any sweet pasta sauce brands out there? ?

    I have a pasta sauce that my mom turned me onto called scimecas but I can't find it hardly ever and I get so disappointed. It tastes to me like the tomato sauce in any case of Chef Boyardee and I absolutely love Chef Boyardee so much I've heard a lot of people say that it's nasty how much I like it and that I'm a weirdo for liking it but it's mostly for kids that adults usually have a more refined palate and don't like that stuff but to me I don't find a problem with it. though I happen to like potted meat hotdogs spam and Vienna sausages. I love fake meat so that's probably why I like Chef Boyardee LOL but I can't have the wheat so I make my own stuff but does anybody know of any similar tasting pasta sauce? if you've never had this brand think of it as the flavor of Chef Boyardee sauce . Can anybody think of a brand of spaghetti sauce that tastes like that? I may or may not have that here in my area but I can at least research my store does have some very fancy expensive brands of pasta sauce so I might be able to find one that you suggest I just don't know anything besides the usual hunts, Classico, Prego  or ragu. there's a few others that are pretty typical that I haven't tried but then there's the outrageously expensive like emeralds a coffee or things of that nature that are quite a few dollars more than I want to spend but if anybody knows of a Chef Boyardee flavor comparison for pasta sauce I will check it out. Thanks. 

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    What kind of spider looks like a little crab?

    I was outside on my patio and I saw this thing crawling up toward my shoe and it looked exactly like a crab. although it might have been nothing like a crab in its looks, but in the very short time that I saw it I thought oh crap that's a crab looking spider and I just stopped it well after the fact I couldn't find any images looking like it so I decided I would post a question here it is literally tan on the body and the legs are bright orange like crab legs. I posted a picture even though he's smashed because I wanted someone to get at least a semblance of an idea what he looked like and what colors he was. and I put it next to a regular crab because it looked exactly like a crab to me unless there was just a quick glance and I didn't see him correctly. Maybe he looks nothing like that I don't know but he sure made me think of that. 

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  • Can you refreeze God pepperoni sticks from the deli ?

    My dad wants to slice pepperoni sticks that are huge from the belly that he had frozen with his meat slicer machine and then put it back in the freezer but he thinks if it's only slightly God just enough to slice but not really thought a lot that he might be able to rephrase but I read an article that says that you don't want to thaw pepperoni sticks unless you plan to use them all after you thaw them but that you can initially freeze them so what does everybody know about this?

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  • If my current flea med isn't anything can I switch early to something else?

     on the 10th of this month I got

    Advantix 2 for my dog. it came on the 16th on Amazon. It doesn't seem to be working for the fleas. I want to do something more like 3 mth pack of frontline plus for dogs. I was wondering if I went ahead &bought it on the 1st of November or even better I buy it at the end of this month &expect it to come in on Nov 1 or around there &I give it to her on the 1st that would mean she'd only have had Advantix for 15 days but I really don't think Advantix is working. would anybody recommend that? Bc I feel like if I give it to her on Nov 1 it would be easier to remember each time as opposed to sticking with the 10th of each month and having to count my days and remember when to get it again.  But the problem is I stupidly bought it on the 10th of Oct, so if I do that she will only have had it in her system for 15 days but like I said I don't think it's working so is there anyway I could do this this way or would this be something to consult vet about and ask if they recommend this? Bc even if the fleas are not dying she still has the medication in her body so I'm curious if that's even doable or if it's too early. Do I need to actually wait the whole month? But I feel like if I wait and I decided to go ahead with not and I still want to do on the first of each month, I would have to like hold off giving her flea treatments and just be really careful with flea bath often enough for like a month so it's even next time. Any advice? 

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  • How do I achieve a white chalky color for drawing without chalk or colored pencils available? ?

    I do not have white colored pencils or crayons or chalk how do I achieve that?

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  • Is it possible to add essential oil to leftover wax from my sentsy?

    I have leftover wax and I don't know what to do with it except throw it out but I was hearing somewhere that you can put essential oils in the leftover wax and then reuse the wax in my sentsy but I'm reading that there is a combination of oil to the wax and essential oil but I don't know if that's true can I not just put the essential oils directly into the liquid wax that no longer has a smell anymore? I don't know why I would have to make up some weird combination of stuff unless I just do. 

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    What kinda moth is this? ?

    It has spider like legs and wasp like wings. My mom swears it's a moth but can't remember the name. Any idea? Thanks. 

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  • How big of a computer do I need to play the Sims 3 with all its expansion packs? ?

    I have a laptop and a desktop but I'm probably gonna get a new desktop I would like to play on my laptop which is an Acer. how big is the hard drive and all of that have to be in order to be able to play the Sims three starter pack and then adding all of the expansion packs that exist ? I had a friend who I'm not friends with anymore who used to own every single expansion pack for Sims 3. Lordy that was a lot. My desktop computer definitely held everything nicely because we did a deal where she wouldget theCDs andwhen's she got thenext one up I could have the one behind every timewhich is totally fine with meI mean they were still hurts but I could install the one behindevery time she got a new CD and then she had the most currentand I think I ran off with the one behind the most currentwhen we weren't friends and Iwanted to give it back to her but I would have no way. and of course there was a problem with my computer and I wasn't able to keep anything on my hard drive my dad had to wipe it clean nothing I did or anything it was just something that happened and because I didn't actually have the CDs for any of those I lost everything but even though I had the most current CD I still needed all the others in order to play it. so how much RAM, memory, everything do I need for my laptop to run every CD available to the Sims 3? I just want to see if

    my laptop is big enough or not. Thanks. 

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  • Why is part of my coconut flour white and part of it yellow ?

    I never really thought about it one way or the other but I've had it in the fridge for a while and I was just pouring some into a container because I'm gonna use it for fried chicken which by the way it is fantastic for fried chicken it gets really really crispy like Panko breading, but anyway as I'm pouring it out the whole bunch is yellow and then as I keep pouring I see it's white . Like I pour a good fourth of a cup that's yellow and then as I keep pouring it out I get a good cup worth it starts showing it's extremely white white not yellow tinted at all it's white and it's actually finer like powdered sugar texture . Is that normal?

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  • Does a white sweet potato have as much potassium as an orange sweet potato? ?

     I know a regular sweet potato is like 440 mg of potassium but what's the potassium content of a white sweet potato ? Internet only tells me sweet potato versus white potato and thats not what I ask. What I'm asking issince I know for sure aregular sweet potato has 440 mg of potassium, if you're comparing that to a white sweet potato variety what's the milligrams of potassium there or is it the same?

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  • How are CDs labeled for customers to find them at a record/CD store?

    I work at the library and say a CD has 781.66 tmo on it. And we are stopping that method of labeling the CD bc it's only convenient for us workers when.putting away. Nobody looking for cd is gonna locate it that way. Bit.I have gotten my music digital. Dice it was legal and CDs were less bought in-store. So I don't remember how they label at a store to help customers browse and and find a very specific CD they want. Like if I wanted to find enya and then beyond that specific CD of "a day without rain" would I look under "e" then look for her name and grouse her CD collection till I found that CD? It's been so long. I think that's the method we will use to browse the CD section bc it's easier for customers. Only us librarians use the dewey system to locate a CD. Same with DVDs but that's easier. I was still using block buster up till it went out of business but wasn't using physical CDs for a while. I was looking g for help to make sure I understand this. We aren't switching to this for a bit but it was discussed today.  

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  • How much children's Benadryl can I give my tenpounder dog?

    I am only asking this question simply because I'm not finding good information on the Internet and this isn't because I need a doctor and I'm being dumb and asking Internet before I go call a doctor I've seen people do that I will admit I've seen people do that they say my kid took this or this or this what do I do and people will say well first of all you're an idiot you need to call the hospital don't ask people on the Internet because they may take days to get an answer to you idiot you know those are stupid questions I'm not doing anything like that I have children's Benadryl it says I can give my 10 pounds dog 1/4 of a children's Benadryl which is 12.5 mg but I did not write how often a day do I did the 1/4 tab and this was several months back so I don't remember and I can't find anything on the Internet that tells me all I'm finding is information for an adult dose so I'm curious what everybody knows I know that for an adult dose which is 25 mg you give 1 mg per pound of dog weight and I don't know my mouth well enough to know what that means for 12.5 milligrams of medicine in the chewable tablets I must have figured that out to 1/4 tablet but I did not write down if that's a quarter tablet every four hours or every 12 hours or every 24 hours or what so that's what I'm looking for the pill is 12.5 mg total and if I were to break that into 1/4 pieces for a 10 pound dog when she gets anxiety or allergies, how often a day can I get her one of those pill quarters? 

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