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  • Why is it necessary to be an arrogant bully to be in politics?


    1. The House of Commons consistently opposes Brexit despite having let the people vote on it. So why bother asking us?

    2. The Labour Party refuses to admit that it is anti-Semitic despite all the evidence.

    3. Parliamentary employees frequently complain about the behaviour of MPs towards them.

    4. The British government in the 1990s repeatedly assured the population that there is no risk from beef that has been fed on meal containing minced brain and spinal cord from other cows, or from processed meat products containing this. Despite the fact that they are not medical experts and the fact that it caused "mad cow disease" in cattle. Nearly 200 people have since died of vCJD.

    5. Donald Trump.

    6. Kamala Harris.

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  • Why don't Americans understand how their own election system for President works?

    There has been a flood of questions about the electoral college since AFTER we knew the result of the 2016 presidential election. I don't get it, I really don't. It's not hard to understand. And I'm not American.

    If the House of Representatives were elected by the Single Transferable Vote, I could understand questions about that. STV is enough to give anyone a thumping migraine, never mind a headache. But we're not talking about that level of complexity.

    Surely the reason for the electoral college must have been covered in history class? If it wasn't, why, or is American education really that bad?

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  • Why does the US ban haggis?

    For a country that prides itself on freedoms, it is remarkably restrictive on foodstuffs. The ban on properly made haggis according to the traditional recipe is a great disappointment to all Americans of Scots descent, who therefore cannot celebrate Burns Night properly with the "great chieftain o' the puddin' race". And all because the FDA disallows a key ingredient and would rather see good food go in the bin. What is their problem?

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  • Why has Yahoo made Answers worse again?

    The option to filter questions by your own country has just disappeared, and the list of questions no longer includes the name of the questioner (very helpful for tailoring answers).

    What features are going next? The ability to ask questions?

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