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  • Can someone help a non tech savvy person?

    I got a new galaxy s9 and i needed to put in a code that was sent to my message but when i went to message, i couldn't get back to the box to put the code in so how was i suppose to find it?  On my old phone i would go back to open tabs but it wasn't in the open tabs on this phone.

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  • Do i have to pay activation fee?

    I need a new phone and i'm just not tech savy. I already have an ATT account but i want to buy my phone from other sources. Can i move my sims card from my smartphone to another without paying an activation fee? I believe i had to pay an activation fee when i bought my husbands phone from Walmart so i don't know what is the purpose of that when we are already customers. 

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  • What's the best mattress topper for hip pain.?

    Does the thicker 3 or 4in foam mattress toppers help back and hip pain? I have a problem sleeping on my side because of hip pain. I had a 2in topper and it caused me to have lower back pain. 

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  • Can i use a deep fryer without basket?

    I just bought a small deep fryer and i am wondering if it is safe to deep fry without the basket? Instructions doesn't say but it would be so much easier to use as i don't like using a basket.

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  • How to safely wash an old shawl?

    I have my grandmothers old crochet shawl and it's possible 60 or 70 years old. I'd like to wash it but afraid it will be damaged. Any suggestions?

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  • How to fix wifi?

    For some reason my wifi went out on my windows 8.1 and i can't get on internet to update wifi drive and not even sure that's the problem so if i get a wifi adapter will that work?

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  • Remember me on this device?

    Why do i have to click on "remember me on this device" every time i log in to a financial institution, if i have to put in a verification code every time then what's the point for clicking the "remember me" block? Might as well just send a code and not have the option there. They tell me it's my computer settings but i have tried every change that i know and noting works.

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  • Can my tv be fixed?

    I have a LG 48 inch tv which is suppose to be good but when i first turn it on, it will start flickering on and off for a few seconds but eventually it will come on and stay on. Any suggestions as to what it might be and is it costly to fix?

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  • Can someone advise me on a good mattress pad for back pain?

    I had a 2 inch memory foam but it caused more pain in lower back and pelvic so I don t know which to try next.

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  • What is a good Ejection fraction in heart test?

    My Dr says my test was good and that i had excellent EF of 88 but i looked it up on google since i don't know what that is but what i read was that an excellent EF was 75 and below and anything above is indication of heart disease so now i don't know if my Dr know what is good or not so good. The test was done because my symptoms indicated something wrong.

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  • Is it normal for blood pressure to keep dropping during a stress test?

    I had nuclear stress test and my blood pressure kept dropping but had no pain so is that good for an elderly lady?

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  • Why are there not more and better options for buying material?

    I like to sew but i have noticed that most of the shops that sell material only seem to carry certain types of material and most of it looks like it belongs on a cushion or curtains so why are there not more options to buy material for public?

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  • How did an Iphone that didn't have a passcode, get locked?

    An elderly friends iphone all of a sudden is locked and it says "disabled, connect to itunes" but she didn't have a passcode on it and all she can do is emergency call and it will receive calls but she can't call out.

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  • Can taking levothyroxine and coffee hurt the kidney?

    I take levothyroxine for thyroid and later I drink just a few sips of decaff coffee but as soon as I do, I start having pain in the small of the left back. No one else taking this meds has this problem.

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  • What is the normal coverage for personal property in homeowners insurance?

    I have noticed our personal property amount is almost as much as the coverage for our home and we don't need that much. I don't remember being asked how much coverage we wanted for personal property so i am wondering if we have an option or is it standard? We are paying an outrageous premium and at our ages should we lose our home, we don't need as much as we are covered for.

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