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  • ¿Que puedo hacer para no tener voz de pitoh?

    Soy varon madurito, pero a veces las mujeres no me toman en serio por la voz que tengo. Que puedo hacer para hablar mas varonil pero sin fingir? Les agradezco sus aportes.

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  • Any World of Warcraft Lore Geeks here?

    I really need your help. I need to know how to properly pronounce the following names and geographical locations in the World of Warcraft Lore series:

    1,) Tirion Fordring

    2.) Mardenhold Keep

    3.) Karandra

    4.) Taelan Fordring

    5.) Eitrigg

    6.) Plaugelands

    7.) Barthilas

    8.) Saidan Dothrohan

    9.) Antonidas

    10.) Arthas

    11.) Alonsus Faol

    12.) Uther

    13.) Stratholme

    14.) Thrall

    15.) Throndroril River

    Thanks a million!

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  • Do people with ethnic names have an equal opportunity in the Voice Over industry?

    Hi, I'm an aspiring voice over actor with a very ethnic (Spanish) name. My concern is that some agents will assume I have a regional accent (which I don't) and typecast me. Or perhaps they just don't like foreign names and may not even give me a chance at auditioning. Am I just being insecure? Is it all in my head? What do you think?

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