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  • Is the song Waltzing Matilda in the public domain yet?

    It seems as though it should be, but sometimes these things can surprise you.  There may be a way the family members can perpetuate a copyright beyond what you might expect...

    (I couldn't find anything conclusive on the web)

      If I wanted to use it as the jingle in a commercial, could I just go ahead and use it like it was Beethoven's fifth or Brahms' lullaby?

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  • I know this is going to sound dumb but... what if we research asymptomatic individuals, isolate what went right, and bottle it?

    This was my approach to diet pills.  Some people are skinny and can eat whatever they want and stay thin, other people are even larger framed eat the exact same things and balloon out, so it seems as though you should instead isolate what has gone right in naturally fit people. 

      If some people can be asymptomatic, let's figure out how to extend that (or similar) protection to everybody else, eh?

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  • Why is it that Jars have the tamper-evident safety button that pops up when the seal is broken, but cans don't have it?

    Sauces, jellies, baby food, and all sorts of wet food in glass jars utilize a springy indicator "button" in the middle of the lid that changes shape when the internal vacuum is lost.  canned food is also supposed to be kept under a partial vacuum, so why don't cans have the little pop-up button?

    In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Wikipedia describes it well in this exerpt:

      "Jars of food items soon started appearing with a metal bubble-top lid, commonly known as a "safety button", which—like the lid of a Mason jar—popped out if the jar had ever been opened and stayed flat if the jar was in pristine condition. Customers were advised to never buy a product with a popped lid. (These lids would also pop out if the jar was contaminated by gas-producing bacteria, which was an additional safety feature.) Presumably the seal was achieved by packaging the jars in a low-pressure atmosphere, although companies were reluctant to divulge details.

    Newer jars of food tend to come with a plastic wrap around the edge of the lid, which is removed when opening, although the springy-cap designs are still in common use. "

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  • does the Fire tablet have a youtube app or a facebook app?

    The tablet is cheap, and the selection seems both kind of wimpy AND proprietary.

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  • Hey guys what suddenly happened to the Google "create docs" app? ?

    I've gotten used to emails, Y!A answers, and even facebook posts diappearing in a puff of smoke when wou send them, never to be seen again, so anything longer than a sentence or two, I'll compose it in a text editor first then copy-paste into the online box.  In create you have the option to make a new blank document, grid, or maybe template, I had been using "Create">"Docs">"new document" to type up stuff, or to dump the contents of a block of text into the editor.

      I would save it under some cheezy filename and I didn't even know about the share/export feature until tonight.  The problem is that when I went to type up some stuff, I tried to open the app and a bar scrolled around and around and a message box said something like "checking info".  I thought it was just updating the app or something.  Then it said that I needed to sign in.  

      Okay.  Sometimes after an app has been hanging around for most of a year, and there have been a couple of low battery shutdowns, it will forget some of the information like staying logged in.  I'll just retype the info, it'll be good after a restart, and I'll type the email address and password if need be, maybe it needs a fresh start, yeah that's it...

    ...AND THEN.... |MORE

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  • There was a reggae version/cover of cat Steven's "Wild World" that got a lot of airplay in the 80's, Who did that?

    NOT maxi priest,

    NOT Jimmy Cliff either.

    It had a lot of bombastic trumpets, and heavy drums...kinda up tempo...

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  • The grocerystore shelves of flour were all wiped out. Was that because of survivalist, or foodie thinking?

    Everybody hoarded up white flour, and I've got to wonder whether that was a product of amateur prepper thinking about how flour was a staple food, or did the foodies think "I've finally got some time to try to my hand at some serious baking!"

      The only one that wasn't wiped out was the White Wings tortilla mix, and considering the Hispanic neighborhood, I'm surprised, they wiped out the pinto beans down to the dust at the bottom of the bin!  I wanted white flour to make a roux, but _no_beans_.  So I got tortilla mix which was still in good supply, okay for a roux, and now I'm trying to make some sweet potatoe empanadas.

      So guys, POLL :  Did you buy some white flour to survive, or to pursue some fancy baking, or some kind of combination of the two? 

      (pssst!  It's okay to post anonymously.)

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  • Don't we run the risk of doing the following with covid-19:?

    "I took the first 12 doses in a 28 day antibiotics run... and I feel great! So I'm not going to take the rest." 

      I mean, everybody that knows anything about taking antibiotics knows that you don't quit halfway through a course of antibiotics or the infection will come roaring back twice as strong, and now immune to those antibiotics.  Shouldn't we hold off until we actually know we've got this thing licked?  I mean, not just on the ropes, BEAT.  I'd propose some kind of agreement where businesses don't have to pay leases, or property taxes while this is going... 

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  • Where are the files stored offline when you make a file using Create Google Docs on an Android tablet?

    It's gotta be either the external SD card or the internal storage. What folder is it in? I want to email myself a copy.

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  • Hi!  I'm looking for the 16-bit rasterized elevation data that used to come out of the NEDS. Where'd it go?

    Years ago the USGS used to offer 10m and 30m resolution raster maps of selected terrain within the USA.  There was a rough yellow map upon which you could select a rectangle of data to download, and the edges of the box were displayed as lattitude and longitude, and you could also tweak the margins by typing in the exact coordinates.

    Once you selected your area either by mouse or typing coordinates (or both), (and you could see the dimensions of the area selected e.g. 950 by 720 units) the USGS would generate a zip file that had at least two files contained in it.  The main file was "Myfile.bin" (binary) and the other was "Myfile.hdr" (header) and there may have even been a "Myfile.dat" (data) which was a human readable output about what the bin file contained.  Myfile was just the default, you could type in "Xanadont" and get "Xanadont.bin & Xanadont.hdr"

    The bin file was ONLY the data in 16-bit format, but I succeeded in dropping it straight into a 256 color grayscale bitmap that I had sized properly, and I truncated all the data above 256 meters, and got this hauntingly beautiful grayscale shot of the mississippi valley that looked like an x-ray, but I can't find that dataset again.  USGS please help me find those data again, and guys don't just say "Here it is!" until you can actually download *.bin *.hdr files.  I've been down a lot of dead ends, and I don't want to just get a map, I want to crunch the 16 bit data through a widget I want to finish making.

  • What is the name of that Mexican candy made out of brown sugar,leche, and honey, it's soft, beige, often with a pecan pressed in on top?

    It's kind of like very sweet modeling clay in saran wrap, seems like it has sweetened condensed milk, crystallized honey, and sugar cone brown sugar.

    It's got to have some other name besides, "Mexican Candy"!

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  • What exactly is a Non-Essential business? and do you know that when you're opening that business or is this decided on an ad-hoc basis?

    Who decides, and when?

      So like, the Essential services and businesses are staying open during the 15 day shutdown, and well, a lot of my favorite places got the designation "Essential business", e.g. Home depot, electronics shops, hardware stores...

      Do you know you are starting a non-essential business when you get your tax number?  like....


                FORM TO APPLY FOR A



    NAME OF APPLICANT _ _ _ _ _ _ __  [ _ ] _ _ _ _ _ _


    [_] BAR

    [_] HOBBY SHOP






    So, if these shut down orders become more common...

    well, how similar are they to austerity measures?  And who's to say that these businesses could start right up again after a two or three week shutdown?  What happens if the people in charge say, "Look here guys, we did just fine without these other businesses, all we really need are groceries and repair equipment & supplies, and all the rest is fluff."  Isn't this the way a nation historically does it's belt tightening before it becomes an authoritarian state?

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  • Hey, is the heavy D on a drop D tuned guitar the SAME "D" that's on a bass with standard tuning?  or is it an octave above or below?

    I know I should just go over there, put a guitar in drop D tuning, play that D and see if sounds like the D on a bass: E, A, D! G...compared to a guitar: D! A, D, G, B, E.  It seems about right but sometimes the tones and harmonics can be deceiving, and I want to hear an answer from somebody that has had more music theory than I.

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  • Did anybody else see a big piece of spacejunk reenter the atmosphere over gulf coast Texas at 7:35:35 P.M. on 1/28/2020?

    It was moving at pretty good clip from almost due north to the south in the late glow of the sunset, it must have been almost over San Antonio.   

    I've seen the shuttle reenter and it was a lot like that, except that it didn't have a visible ion trail.  It was straight out west of the Houston area, and about 15 degrees above the horizon.  It moved a lot more slowly than a real meteor from out in the solar system, but it was much faster than anything traveling in the atmosphere, even the life-flight helicopter doesn't go by that fast.  Any kind of plane would have to be flying just above treetop level, therefore not just audible, rattling every window in the house, a plane going by that fast would knock the dishes off the high shelf, so not an aircraft.  It moved more like a golf ball when you hit it with your driver.  A drone right there would have to be audible and it would also be on fire with magnesium ribbons!

     Its color was similar to one of those outdoor gaslights, with the asbestos mantles, that people used to have in their front yards to light the path (a kind of grayish, yellow-green light).  It was about as bright as a thousand lumen LED light at maybe 75m away.  Its path was almost horizontal, I was looking at Venus and the crescent moon just over some power lines, when this burning object like one of the fireballs from a roman candle caught my attention.  It was a good bit brighter than either the moon or Venus. Anybody else in Texas looking west at 7:35 CST?

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  • After Firefox froze, old laptop appeared to come back from hibernation, now DOSBOX won't display right.?

    Last week I was using a private window on Firefox, had paint, calculator, and notepad open, then Firefox hung, then crashed, and took everything with it (no problem; I save religiously.) the laptop was in some kind of hibernation state, I rebooted and when it came back DOSBOX would not display right.  DOSBOX used to display fullscreen just fine, BUT, after Firefox hung, then crashed the whole laptop, all it (Dosbox) will do now is display the window-sized version inside a vast sea of blackness.  I know it sounds cool but it is very disappointing to have the graphics only filling up the middle third of the screen when I've been able to get them to go from edge-to-edge, filling up the whole screen.  At the time of the crash it looked like the laptop went into hibernation or turned off the screen.  I rebooted.  After the reboot all the desktop icons were pushed up into the upper left corner, I got it restored to 1024 x 786, moved all the icons into their familiar places, everything else works fine, only dosbox won't display.  The config file looked like this: 

    fullscreen=true              # ( I changed that to true.)fulldouble=falsefullresolution=original    # changed it to 1024 x 768#fullresolution=   1024x768 # changed it to 1024 x 768 (now I changed it back)windowresolution=originaloutput=surfaceautolock=truesensitivity=100waitonerror=trueWhat changed Dosbox community?

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  • Does anybody remember the term "Huge Cube" store?

    I remember hearing that term three to five years before I ever heard anyone say "Big Box" store. It seems as though Dave Barry (or someone like him) used the term "Huge-Cube" off and on for years to describe Home Depot, Sam's Club, Builder's Square etc. I guess the internal rhyme of Huge-Cube lost out to the alliteration of "Big-Box" stores like "Big Boy" restaurants.

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  • After this, is any world leader even going to give a $#!+ about getting an audience with the president of the USA?

    ...or are we just going to become baja Canada? 

      I feared a day when all the rest of the nations of the would figure out a way to get around having to involve the USA in international affairs, and I'm afraid its here.  They'll set it up so that the USA will look at its browser so that it can see what it posted, and think that's what's out there, but what it posted will be hidden from view all around the rest of the world, etc.

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  • I'm trying to figure out whose voice ambassador Taylor's voice is reminding me of...?

    ...and I've narrowed it down to either J. K. Simmons or Tom Brokaw. So, is there somebody else that he sounds even more like to you?

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