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  • ac overcharge????????

    i own a 04 nissan quest, n i just recently have my alternator replace by a local mechanic , when he was doin this he mencioned he has to get the compressor loose, to make room for the alternator to come out, but i noticed that the stripped out the cable behind a black plug on the compressor, ok so alter all these the car wont blow cold air n i tried to recharge the system but its overcharged

    it i used the recharge tool tio release some on the pressure but it keeps overcharging like a lot, the pressure gauge is all the way up?????

    any advice??? whats wrong???

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  • vw passat catalytic converter?

    so i drive a passat 02 v6, n the check engine light came up, so i took it 2 auto zone to see the code of the light, i got the code p0431 or p0432 cant remember well, but the guy said the the catalytic converter was going bad.... what should i do ??? im broken since the last time i paid 1500 BUCKS just 2 get fixed a water leak on the sunroof drains, should i replace the catalytic converter or its ok if i drive the cAR like that???

    i want to take it to the dealer but they charge 140 dollARS just to tell you whats wrong with the car....

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  • lucas injectors cleaner use ?

    so i got a lil bottle of lucas fuel injector, but i'm confused, it says that the bottle cleans up to 25 gallons , and my car has a 12 gallons tank, so that means that i should only use half bottle????

    im confused cuz the bottle also says, pour the entire bottle on the fuel tank....

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  • vw passat leaking issue ?

    i own a 02 vw passat n couple weeks ago i found that the car was leaking water inside de car somehow, all this water was flooding my carpet n messed the electrical system, so i took it 2 the dealer n they charged me $1500 dollArs to unclogged the sunroof drains n for a new control unit for the electrical issue plus $100 to clean the carpet, so the cAR seen to be ok till last nite , it was raining a lot so i decided to check on the caRPET N IT WAS DRY, but i went lil beyond and pull the carpet and it happens to be wet underneath.....

    so what should i do??? i want to take 2 the dealer but i feaR they going 2 charge me more, n honestly im broken after the last repair :(

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  • vw passat transmission????

    so i own a passat 02 v6, with 125;, the car runs really smooth so does the transmission, it doesnt jump or makes weird noises when driving, but the thing is that when im going to park and i get the shifter to parking it jumps like really bad, the same when i start the car n go to reverse or drive the car( the transmission i believe) jump really hard, and it stop when the car is hot( sometimes i)

    so any ideas ??? i mean it sound like the transmission is gong bad but the thing is that it run just perfect

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  • vw passat oil change ?////?

    how much oil u supose to add on an oil change , I own a passat 02 v6, and I add 5qt but it seems to be low still

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  • Does anyone know whats the monthly income to qualify for medicaid in missouri?

    Im 1 month pregnant .Im not working but my boyfriend is;we live together and he pays for all my expenses.He makes about 1,600.00 a moth.whould I qualify for medicaid????

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  • hyundai service??????????????

    should i do the 45,000 miles service to my tiburon????

    its $200 , but i want to know whats included and if its worth it???

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  • car stereo install!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    i want to install an aftermarket stereo to my car, i own a tiburon 04, but i dont know how to take off the factory stereo. so can anyone help me with the right steps please????

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  • intrepid engine swap?

    i own a intrepid with a bad 2.7, so i know that a swap engine to a 3.2 or a 3.5, but since im not a mechanic i wonder where can i find someone to do this job?????

    and how much it would be????

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  • oil light comes on????

    i own an intrepid 98, and when i stop at a ligh the oil light comes on afte the rpm low a little ( bout 500 rpm), and as soon as i accelerate the lights turns off. this happens sometimes.

    i checked the oil level and its ok, a friend told me that it can be the oil pump. but i dont know where is it or so much to replace it????

    any other idea?????

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  • xbox 360 cooling fans???

    so i've see that people has different opinions bout whether the cooling fans for xbox 360 are good or bad.

    so the question is if microsoft has officialy said anything about this??? i mean you can see that the cooling fans are sold everywhere ( best buy, circuit city )

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  • chrysler 300 2005?

    i own a chrysler 300 2005, it has a really nice factory stereo but i want to add my ipod and i dont know how, its not a navigation system but just the stereo with cd changer.

    is there anyway i can add my ipod, besides the tape adapter which sounds really bad????

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  • sprint power vision??

    i just add the power vision access pack to my touch, so i can use yahoo go, check mail, and download things from the internet??? is there any exeption??

    im a lil worried cuz the last time i got billed so much, and i want to used one of those pages where u make ur own ringtones and u dont pay anything, you just have to download it from a site.

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  • cops stopping you?

    so this morning i got my fist ticket, they officer, a black lady with a really bad acttitude, gave me the ticket when i was waiting for my friend in front of her house, the reason parking too close to a fire hydrant.

    now im a little concerned because its my dads car. so this is going to be on his record.

    so the question is that, is it true that the cops stop more easily car with violation records than the other with clean record??

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  • xbox 360 noise?

    i have a xbox elite, so sometime when i turn my xbox off, the console still makes a littel noise and the power light stays green, sound like the fans still working after i turned on, so i tried turning the console on and back off and then then it stops.

    is this normal????

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  • sprint pictures???

    i have this question, i have a sprint phone, a upstage, and in my plan i dont have internet, i wont pay 10 bucks for something i dont really use, and i have unlimited messages, so when my friends send me pictures or music sounds my phone recieve a message that says that i have a new pictures and shows me a link for watching it, now my question is that since i dont have a internet plan i'll have to pay for going to that link and downloading the picture ???? im asking this cuz couple months ago sprint charged me with 60 bucks for going to the net and what my accound a couple times.

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  • buying a used car???

    i want to buy a used car i saw at the dodge dealer, its a stratus coupe 01 with 94K, its $6000. so i want to know if these cars are good, cuz right i own an intrepid 98 n omg the engine just keeps giving me so much troubles.

    its an stratus coupe not an rt,

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  • amigos xbox 360 live ????

    recientemente compre mi xbox 360 asi que decidi conectarlo al live, y bueno despues de jugar un buen rato, me di cuenta que yo era el uno wey que hablaba espanol. no es que no hable ingles pero seria cool aser un grupo de solo latino y darles en la torre a los gringos no????

    so busco amigos para formar un grupo elite, hahaha algo asi.

    mis juegos son

    splinter cell double agent

    call of duty 2.

    interesados dejenme su email para agregarlos.y por supuesto si conocen mejores juegos tambien me gustaria probar.

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  • signing checks with pencil?

    i wanted to deposited my paycheck in my bank account on the atm, but when i was there i found the i didnt have any pen with me so i tought that it was not a bid difference if i signed my check with pencil. so i did so, but now im struggling about it.

    what do you think????

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