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  • ¿Ayuda encontrando cancion instrumental (video incluido)?

    Aqui esta un intento de tocar la melodia de la cancion, pero no recuerdo si es asi exactamente. Alguna idea de cual pueda ser?

    1 respuestaClásicahace 5 años
  • Is this workout plan good?

    I'm considering the following things but I don't know if they would be good and effective and I have no one to ask.

    -Exercising right after waking up (before breakfast)

    -Doing as much pushups, crunches and jumping jacks as I can and keep track to try to increase them a bit more

    -I was also considering dynamic stretching as a warm up. Any tips?

    I exercise twice a week (2 hours a week) and I wanted to do a bit more at home to become stronger. Is this okay?

    1 respuestaDiet & Fitnesshace 6 años
  • Can I paint my latex prosthetic ears with liquid latex?

    My latex ears are "unpainted", and I have flesh-colored liquid latex. Can I use it as paint?

    Paintinghace 6 años
  • Is reading or watching yaoi a sin?

    Okay, I'm a catholic girl and watching/ reading yaoi is one of my favorite hobbies. I know this might not really be the best place to ask but I can't just go to my church's priest and ask him if seeing animated gay porn is a sin because, well, it sounds pretty bad but that's how it is.

    In my personal opinion it's not really bad unless it affects your actions or pulls you away from God's matters. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty and think I might need to give it up but I can bring myself to even imagine that right now. I know I might grow out of it someday but for now I've been consumed by this guilty pleasure.

    Is there is anyonw out there who can give me good guidance I would appreciate it very much.

  • Is B 32 cup size small for a 17 almost 18 year old?

    Just asking. Plus, while i was looking it bothered me that 12 year olds were complaining about having this bra size saying it was small....

    So for me, a 17 almost 18 year old, is it small?

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  • Felt a twinge in my chest after a sudden scare?

    I opened a damn screamer and because of the sudden scare I felt a twinge in my chest right where my heart is. Now I feel uneasiness in my chest, like the sensation of pain. Am I okay? Was it just a little scare?

    1 respuestaHeart Diseaseshace 7 años
  • what is the name of this glasses?

    The ones this guy is wearing, how are they called?

    1 respuestaOpticalhace 8 años
  • Is food coloring dangerous for your skin?

    if you get a stain in your skin while using food coloring, is it dangerous? I'm assuming it might not be since you can eat it ._.

    4 respuestasCooking & Recipeshace 8 años
  • Los rompecabezas son teselados?

    los teselados son figuras que unidas cubren una superficie sin dejar huecos entre si, asi que me preguntaba si un rompecabeza seria un ejemplo de teselado.

    1 respuestaHome Schoolinghace 8 años
  • Samantha Brown's Passport to Asia complete. Where can i watch it?

    Where can i watch it or even download it?

    I'm particularly interested in the japan episode, i'm not really looking forward to the others. I saw it in itunes but if there's a chance of not having to pay or wait for days long downloads I will really appreciate it :)

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  • Japanese traditional culture related movies?

    I want suggestions on movies about traditional japanese culture. It can be animated or not.

    I've seen Memoirs of a geisha and The last samurai. Any suggestions?

    1 respuestaMovieshace 8 años
  • Twin issues: feeling lonely and sad?

    Hi, im a twin and i'm going through a strange situation. My sister is now in her second relatoonship, i still haven't had my first boyfriend. We are high school seniors. The firstbtime was naturally strange because i used to talk to her all the time but now she was always with someone else and i was left alone, besides, who likes being next to a making out couple? Well, she now has her second boyfriend after some months of breaking up with the past idiot (my apologies but he was). Now its like "hey, we always talk, i have a boyfriend so im back to ignoring you a bit". Plus, eveytime she's on the phone i cant enter my own room because we've always had the same room and there are no more rooms in the house for me to want my own. Besides all of this, its like im the ugly sister who no one likes. People might try to comfort me but i know they only pity me for being single, some even dared to tell me to get a boyfriend to be just like my sister...that hurts, its not my fault guys dont like me or choose my sister over me. I think i was never really so desperate to find someone because i was always accompanied even if its not the same as in a relationship but it hurtsba lot and i feel really lonely. Plus, now i hatebit when my sister copies me because i think people apreciate her for my own ideas and it makes me feel left out. It also hurts because shes my twin sister and i cant just hold a grudge against her, i cant and i dont want to. Anyone with advice? Please dont tell lies, im tired of hearing people telling me im pretty of that "any guy would be lucky to have me" out of pure pity, it feels reall miserable. Dont tell me he will come in time, i dont even know what i want and the one i thought would be my chance just didnt work out and we never got to be more than friends. The only thing that keeps me a bit patient is that maybe i do am a high school senior but im aboutbto turn 17 next month, im still pretty young to declare myself single for life or any other drama queen stupidity. But still, i dont wanna be in a relationship in my 20s acting like a 15 year old kid....

    I dont tell anyone because i dont want them to think im jealous of my sister or someting absurd.

    I sincerely apologize for any offensive language and for writing so much. Thank you for taking your time to answer.

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  • Need help recording a song and its video?

    I want to start a campaign for new year to create awareness to stop shots in the air and have a safe celebration. Since I didn't find any solid campaign anywhere I decided I wanted to create my own. To promote such campaign I wrote a song and though of a perfect video to fit it but I don't know how to record the song or the video professionally. How can i get help to find someone to record my song and someone to record my video? I also want to appear in programs and talk about my campaign since i want to take this very seriously, what do i have to do?

    I want to create awareness to bring back the safe celebration and get rid of the tragic survival.

    any tips?

    1 respuestaOther - Musichace 8 años
  • How can i make color fade away completely from plastic fast?

    I have a bunch of old credit, insurance and membership cards and i want to use them to make guitar picks but i don't want the information or the design on the background. Is there any way to make the color fade fast? Is there a way to recolor it with a different design?

    1 respuestaChemistryhace 8 años
  • My twin sister is about to have her second bf and i'm still single?

    I don't envy the people, i envy the facts. I am a twin and my sister is having her second boyfriend already while i'm still single. Once i started chatting with a guy and talking to him...sis ended up having him as her first boyfriend. While she was at it a guy stole a kiss from me for unexplainable reasons, something like pity just because i was next to my sister who was cozy with her bf...he's now with my sister. I don't mind the guys, i don't even like them and i never did but the fact that she always gets everything in the end bothers me a lot. Same with friends. I talked to everyone while she was only by her bf's side and didn't socialize but she was part of the group just for being my twin sister because, you know, between twins "its all the same". I don't hate her or anything, it's just facts of life that bother me. I don't want to think guys always pick her over me, that i'm the ugly one, that when guys can't have it with one or just don't want to they just take the other because "it's the same". Twins are usually together, we talk a lot. Once a guy comes into her life this connection breaks. She's with him right next to me and people don't talk to me to not be near them and i feel so damn lonely and at the same time angry because she ignores me but keep going behind my tail. When she breaks up she has nowhere to go so she starts talking to me again and i feel annoyed because i don't like for people to follow me and when i finally achieve solitude and wish to be alone for real now i can't and she comes back. And again now i'm back in the loner spot.

    I feel sad and i can't complain to anyone because no one can do anything and it not anyone's fault. I just wanted to let this out of my chest....

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  • how can i get proper help for my situation?

    Can i suggest my psychologist that i have a certain phobia or disorder? I mean, can i actually tell her what i think i have? She's the doctor after all and maybe it is disrespectful to come up with my own conclusion after research, thats her job and i believe i should respect that. I also dont like talking about it but even if i try to explain my situation no one actually understands me. I am actually embarrassed of my situation and i've tried talking about it with people i trust or even my psychologist but they dont deem to find it important. I am also afraid of exposure so i am not willing to expose myself for therapy purposes. As you probably noticed i can even mention what it is, to me it is a forbidden topic, the demon that must not be named, my taboo, death itself. I cant just get to my own conclusions and then refuse the help. What can i do?

    3 respuestasMental Healthhace 8 años
  • i need breakfast ideas?

    I hate breakfast and almost everything i eat gives me an upset stomach. Any suggestions of something different? Maybe i could have for breakfast something that is "not breakfast".

    11 respuestasCooking & Recipeshace 8 años
  • i need serious help but i dont want to tell anyone. please read and help?

    I have horrible fears and lots of pain. I feel sad. Sometimes i try to overcome these feelings but its not simple. I have issues, there are things going on in my head. Sometimes i think of what can i do with a knife to hurt myself or how could i get a good stay in the hospital to see who cares. Im being completely honest. I do not intend to kill myself, i don't consider that of any help and i don't want my life to end yet, im too young. I honestly just wanna see who trully cares or to have an excuse to skip school for a little while and completely dissapear to see if im missed. I can't just pretend or ask to stay home, no parent would allow such a "lazy" decision. I want to dissapear and see myself forced at every moment to not reappear until i deal with my issues in silence a little. As i said, i have no intensions of dying but i do think of hurting mysekf sometimes, but i don't want to because i could make my family suffer. I dont wanna tell anyone about it but everytime i try to i make it seem like no big deal so they don't take it as so. I have issues with crying in front of other people so no matter how deep my feelings are i never cry. Someone please help me, i dont know what to do and i dont want to tell anyone about it.

    3 respuestasMental Healthhace 8 años